So you will certainly have noticed it while surfing on the site and following our news on the social networks, at MATT Racing, we are not the kind to make a big historical speech of the brand by quoting multiple dates and meetings which led us where we are now...

No at MATT Racing, we are.... Well, actually, we are like you!

We are not models but we are passionate bikers and racers and like all of you, we don't have a lot of money to spend on our equipment. So, faced with our wasp-like waistlines (or bumblebees for some...) and our empty pockets, we set ourselves the challenge of creating a range of motorcycle leather equipment based on the principle that everyone should be able to equip themselves whatever their morphology and their budget with the sole aim of riding safely!

First draft, first design, days and nights of conception, tests and other headaches and our range of combardes was born!
We were SICK of it!

But at MATT Racing, we like challenges and we are full of ideas to meet them.

I have always been attracted by the fact of being a motorcycle pilot, me, a little biker to whom it took I don't know how many curves to put the knee. But no matter! In 2014 (yes I know, we said no dates but this is the point of no return!) I had the opportunity to see the backstage of a Bol d'Or rider and there the click at 3am in the stands (yes, I know, I was not in full possession of all my mental faculties and this is perhaps what got the better of me ...) I said to myself "Why not me? Today I have a lot of answers to this question now that it is done that could make me turn back but at the time, I told myself that, me, a small thirty-year-old father, I was going to try the Golden Bowl!

And from thread to needle (or rather from galleys to disillusions...) we managed to realize this dream by participating in the Bol d'Or in 2018 and 2019 but before we had participated in the 24h of Barcelona in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with very good results.
What to be proud of us!

All these challenges have allowed us today to know and understand the needs of the bikers we are and the riders we have become. Our suits are therefore studied according to these experiences and are constantly evolving in this direction.

So that's the story of MATT Racing!


And for those who are still wondering about the name MATT Racing, you should know that for us nothing is more important than the family, so what better than our children to inspire our greatest successes!


Goooooo to all !


The boss ;)